The application for calculation of matrices is very useful tool. It is designed for students and engineers who use matrix calculations in their studies or work.

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Pro versions

Pro version of this application not contains ads and it is not collect any user data.

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List of matrix operations

The application perform following operations with matrices:

  • Matrix addition
  • Matrix subtraction
  • Matrix scalar multiplication
  • Matrix multiplication
  • Matrix transposition
  • Calculation of the determinant using the Sarrus method
  • Calculation of the determinant using the Laplace method

You can calculate matrix with dimensions up to 5×5. The application also includes a generator for creating matrices with random numbers. The application displays step by step calculations.

Vector calculus

Vector calculus (vector analysis) is concerned with applying calculus in the context of vector fields in two-dimensional and three-dimensional vector field. It includes the following calculators:

  • Vector Length
  • Vector coordinates by two points
  • Vectors addition
  • Vectors subtraction
  • Scalar and vector multiplication
  • Scalar product of vectors
  • Cross product of vectors
  • Mixed (scalar) triple product
  • Angle between two vectors
  • Projection of a vector onto another vector
  • Direction cosines
  • Collinear vectors
  • Orthogonal vectors
  • Coplanar vectors
  • Area of triangle formed by vectors
  • Area of a parallelogram formed by vectors
  • Volume of pyramid formed by vectors
  • Volume of a parallelepiped formed by vectors


    Settings page contains two options: Theme and Confirmation on exit.

    Depending on the user’s preferences, the application can be displayed in light or dark theme. The application has 3 options:

    • System default
    • Light
    • Dark

    When you set the systems default option, the application will use the theme installed on the device. The other options set a theme independent of the system theme. Dark theme can also be installed on older versions of Android that do not have theme switching.

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