This is a program to quickly learn C programming.



This is a program to quickly learn C programming language. Build your C programming skills from beginners to experts with tutorials, code samples and Q&A.
It covers all the basic concepts of the C programming language from basic to advanced: step by step and divided into 5 levels. The Learn C Programming app requires no prior programming knowledge and is ideal for beginners who want to learn C programming.
Programmers with experience in C programming can use this app as a reference and for code examples.
This app contains test questions/answers pages for each section and chapter – total 136 questions, which can be used to prepare for various interviews, tests and exams. App content and tests Q&A are updated with each new app version.


The programming course is divided into 5 levels:

  1. Basic level;
  2. Intermediate 1 level;
  3. Intermediate 2 level;
  4. Advanced 1 level;
  5. Advanced 2 level;

Part 1. Basic Level

Foundation concepts: introduction in program structure, data types, operators, variables, conditional statements and loops.

  • Introduction 6
  • Data Types 7
  • Constants and Literals
  • Operations
  • Typecasting
  • Control Structures
  • Loops

Part 2. Intermediate Level

Part 2 are described arrays, strings, functions and pointers:

  • Arrays
  • Functions
  • Scopes
  • Storage Classes
  • Pointers
  • Functions and Pointers
  • Characters and strings

Part 3. Intermediate Level+

Structures, Unions, Bit Fields and Enumerations.

  • Structures
  • Unions
  • Bit fields
  • Enumerations

Part 4. Advanced Level

Console I/O and File Operations:

  • Console I/O
  • Formatted output
  • Formatted input
  • File Operations
  • Text files I/O
  • Formatted I/O to a text file
  • Binary files I/O

Part 5. Advanced Level+

Working with memory, preprocessor directives, error handling:

  • Working with memory
  • Preprocessor
  • Handling errors

Light/Dark theme support

Depending on the user’s preferences, the application can be displayed in light or dark theme. The application has 3 options:

When you set the systems default option, the application will use the selected theme on the device.

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