This is a program to quickly learn C programming.

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This is the most complete guide to C programming language. The application covers all the basic concepts of the C programming language from basic to advanced step by step and is divided into 5 levels. The Learn C Programming app requires no prior programming knowledge and is ideal for beginners who want to learn C programming.

Programmers with experience in C programming can use the app as a reference and code examples.


The programming course is divided into 5 levels:

  1. Basic level;
  2. Intermediate 1 level;
  3. Intermediate 2 level;
  4. Advanced 1 level;
  5. Advanced 2 level;


Settings page contains two options: Theme and Confirmation on exit.

Depending on the user’s preferences, the application can be displayed in light or dark theme. The application has 3 options:

  • System default
  • Light
  • Dark

When you set the systems default option, the application will use the theme installed on the device. The other options set a theme independent of the system theme. Dark theme can also be installed on older versions of Android that do not have theme switching.

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