Electronic circuits calculator – Android app

Electrical Calculation is a very useful app of Low Voltage for electrical engineers, technicians and students.

This app is a great reference for electronics engineers.It contains calculators for circuit designers to help quickly solve equations and calculations.
This application contains 33 guides for various areas of electronics and will be updated with new guides in future versions.

Pro versions

Pro version of this application not contains ads and it is not collect any user data.

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Sections and calculators

The application contains calculators, which are divided into five types:

  • General
  • Power supply
  • LF/DF
  • OP Amplifiers
  • Digital


The settings screen contains two options: switching languages and themes.

The application has two themes: light and dark. Themes for the application are independent of the one installed on the device. If the device has a light theme, you can put a dark theme for the application.

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